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    Did you know that every day 141 families are victims of housebreaking? Many think that's the worst kind of theft. In addition to the material loss, there is the persistent feeling of insecurity in your own home. But it doesn't have to come to that at all. Forget everything you know about alarmysteem.In 2018 there were 51,617 burglaries in Belgium. Last year's Security monitor shows that home invasions are considered the worst of all the thefts. As many as 39 percent of those questioned indicated that they see burglaries in their neighbourhood as a problem. Home burglaries are not only ahead of other forms of theft such as bicycle theft, theft from cars and pickpocketing. We also think burglaries are worse than traffic accidents or drug sales.Every year in the months of July and August there is a peak in the number of burglaries. It is no coincidence that many people take additional precautions during the holiday period. But an alarm that only warns you when you are travelling does not rule out all risks. If the connection abroad doesn't work or you can't check what's going on, burglars still have free rein.4,500 euros: that's on average the material loss associated with a burglary. The most frequently stolen items include jewellery, computers and mobile phones. Many objects also have an emotional value that cannot be compensated. An heirloom or holiday photos that are lost cannot be replaced.Tip: click here to consult the statistics of burglaries in your municipality.Carefree holidays thanks to a monitored alarmA monitored alarm can make the difference between a burglary and a carefree holiday. The alarm ensures that burglaries can be detected even before they take place. From the moment a shock sensor on a window or door detects something suspicious, it triggers an alarm, after which the siren goes off. At the same time, the central unit in the house registers the message. This unit is directly connected to a control room, where operators can immediately evaluate the situation. They can even make recordings of potential burglars even before they have actually entered your home.If a burglary occurs despite the siren, the operators can warn the burglars to notify the police. All this is possible within 60 seconds of the alarm being raised. All this is also possible if you are not at home and even if you do not have a connection.Human protection in case of an emergencyThe alarm centre is therefore an indispensable link in a good alarm system. Such a centre is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a team of certified operators. They are trained to act quickly and efficiently in all emergency situations. This gives the police and other emergency services the guarantee that they do not have to deal with false alarms.Verisure, the market leader in monitored alarm systems in Belgium, goes one step further. The Verisure alarm system can be additionally equipped with advanced smoke detectors. In addition to an acoustic signal, these also give spoken messages about the location of the source of the fire. Studies show that children respond better to this than just a beep.But there is also assistance in case of emergencies. Do you feel threatened, does someone in the family feel unwell or is there a serious problem with a child? In such situations it can sometimes be difficult to keep a cool head. That is why the emergency button has been developed. Press it and an operator immediately asks what the situation is on the spot. He also immediately notifies the appropriate emergency service. In this way, Verisure in Belgium already provides peace of mind for more than 80,000 families.Tip: read all about how to personalise an alarm here.No longer choose between a holiday and an alarm systemForget everything you know about alarm systems. Today the installation is completely wireless. Months of waiting for a technician, weeks of work and dust in the house and as a finale a sky-high bill? That's a thing of the past.There are more than 300 Verisure safety advisors active in Belgium. They can quickly make a free safety study and a quotation tailored to your home and needs, without any obligation. The installation can be done the same day. Not a standard system, but a feasible and affordable solution according to your wishes.

    May 2, 2020
    April 29, 2020
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